What Feminism and Women's Studies Calls for and Performs? - Essay Example

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What Feminism and Women's Studies Calls for and Performs?

This paper will focus on identifying significant ideas associated with feminism and women’s studies, and some of the significant role they play in the society. One the significant role played by feminism and women’s studies is to contribute to development of feminist movements and academic studies regarding construction of gender that facilitate harmony in the society. Besides, feminism and women’s studies are applied in gathering ideas that can question various cliches regarding gender, race and religion, which are sometimes considered nature, though they are established through social interactions. In addition, feminism and women’s studies has enable recognition of the effort that her been made by women in the resent years in order to realize the stature of feminism in the present day. Feminism and women’s studies takes interdisciplinary nature, which leads to affirmations of diversity in the perceptions by people who study them. Moreover, feminism and women’s studies offers a basis of developing strategic discussions, feminist praxis, and for making significant interrelationships across various boundaries that are conventionally conceived. ...
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Feminism and Women’s studies have a significant role in the world, which can neither be considered an intangible exercise in philosophy nor literary analysis.
They requires assessment on multiple research methods, whereby researchers draw ideas regarding qualitative and quantitative data…
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