Deciphering Communication Styles between Men and Women - Essay Example

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Deciphering Communication Styles between Men and Women

For example the communicative style of a child is different from that of teenager or adult. It is the study about communication which has led me understanding the way I interacting with people is more complex than I assume. After studying about communication I have become more observant in communicating with people at home, work and online classrooms. I acknowledge that speaking itself does not constitute communication but equal importance must be given to listening aspect too. It is a two way phenomenon in which, both the speaker and listener have position to comply with. For example, communication between genders has different perspective when closely monitored. When I communicate with my mother and sister I perceive that I am more emotional, but when I talk with my father it is more of action – oriented and practical. As per (Sherwood,2013) “Women communicate through dialogue, discussing emotions, choices and problems. Males remain action-oriented -- the goal of communication is to achieve something”. Communication at Home and Gender concept The communication held at home is different from that of workplace or online classrooms. The communication process at home is informal whereas work place and online class rooms are formal. Communication is a two way process and people involved in it largely makes the nature of it. ...
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Topic :Gender and Communication Style Introduction Communication is an important part of everyone’s life despite of age, sex or race A life without communication is hard to believe and everyone exchange their ideas and thoughts with the aid of communication…
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