Critical Reading and Review: Planet of Slums by Mike Davis - Book Report/Review Example

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Critical Reading and Review: Planet of Slums by Mike Davis

Mike Davis proves through statistics his worst fears of unchecked rural migration. The greatest challenge of the urban cities/societies, whose number has been growing since the last 5-6 decades, is the deadly and poisonous waste that has been accumulating from all ends. It has contaminated the food that one consumes, water one drinks and the air that one breathes. It has been challenging the health of humankind and eroding his power of resistance without intermission. Technological innovations while contributing to lifestyle changes from one end have eroded the standard of life of humankind. Life-threatening developments are taking place in the cities that continue to grow in rapid pace and the demography of rural and urban sectors is fast changing. For majority of the poverty-stricken people, tomorrow’s bread is not assured from today’s labor and they continue to live an oppressed, dispossessed and starving life. Wise economists have written millions of pages, politicians continue to talk for thousands of hours swearing their allegiance to various philosophies, but the poor are stuck up in poverty, with no hope of redemption. The numbers of urban cities are on the increase, every city is growing directionless and destination-less with cluster of slums engulfing them. Not too in the distant future urban population on this Planet Earth will outnumber those in the sprawling rural areas. Those in the cities will outstrip the rural folks. ...
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Critical Reading and Book Review: Planet of Slums by Mike Davis
Urban and rural population is like the scale of justice in a country. To strike the correct balance, both arms of the scale are important. Mike Davis proves through statistics his worst fears of unchecked rural migration. …
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