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Idea of Landscape and American Dreams

Since Adams’ used the term, it evolved to be part of Americans’ life. It connotes the Americans’ desire for equality2, independence and togetherness. They envisioned a lifestyle that would be affordable to Americans, enhance unity and freedom of expression. Americans experienced other challenges apart from the great depressions. The great migration from south to north was a serious challenge to Americans. Several other authors such as Isabel Wilkerson envisioned the American dream in their works. Wilkerson’s the warmth of other suns is an account of the Great Migration in America. It reveals the historic development in America that transformed the American society is a tremendous manner. The Great Migration was an exodus of nearly six million people in America. Wilkerson’s provides an analysis of the migration from 1915 to 1970. The story provides an analysis of the trips made by Americans during the Great Migration. Black Americans migrated from the south to the north. Their relocation and migration had great impacts on the North. The migration involved the abandonment of the old confederacy states in beginning of 1915. Black Americans were poor and with had low levels of education. In the book, Wilkerson provides an account of three blacks immigrants from the south. ...
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Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Wilkerson’s Depiction of the American Dream First used by James Adams in 1931, the term American dream connotes diverse implications to Americans. In 1931, the country was under serious challenges of the great depression…
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