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Informative Persuasive

They’ve been controversial since their start: People have protested being searched, saying, “I haven’t done anything wrong. Why on earth are you searching me?” They have been protesting the time it takes and the fact that the body scanner reveals… well, a little more than they ever wanted to show. In the year 2009, airport body scanners were suggested as a way to increase airport security. The unsuccessful bombing on Christmas day was no doubt what scared many airport personnel and travelers in the United States into thinking that they were necessary. Forty scanners had already been purchased for ports around the United States. Some specific airports that had scanners by 2009 were the JFK airport, the Phoenix airport, and the LA airport. On New Years’ day, 2011, we knew that things would be changing for our nation. One of the things that changed was airport security: over 159 scanners have been purchased and are awaiting installment in various airports. The question is: How would you feel about having someone rush over to you and say, “You’ve been called out of line. ...
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September 11th 2001, airplanes crashed into the two twin towers. Three thousand people died, and even more were injured. Many people were devastated by the events. Now, when looking at the twin towers, we see only a memoir, only a remainder, only a brief glimpse of the once massive buildings…
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