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Selected years/seasons in terms of temperature and precipitation

2) Discuss and compare the seasons with reference to the hemispheric flow. How many waves are there and what is the flow like over Europe? (30 marks)Answer: On earth, a body's acceleration is affected by two factors aside from the radial gravitational pull of the planet. One factor is the centrifugal acceleration due to the earth's rotation (which results in a non-inertial frame of reference). As can be expected, this non-inertial frame of reference results in centrifugal acceleration, perpendicular the axis of rotation. The second factor is the minor irregularities in the earth's gravitational pull due to its shape. The earth is not a perfect sphere but is actually a non-spherical ellipsoid. In addition, the earth has an irregular surface and material composition. These produce the mentioned gravitational irregularities. Because the component of gravity affects hydrostatic balance on earth, geopotential coordinates are used, resulting in one vertical coordinate for all the components of gravity.The data that was utilized for winter is from the months of January, February, and December of 1963 and 1983, while for summer, they were from June, July, and August of 1976 and 1983. These data are from the areas with latitudes 20N and 900N, and longitude 357.50E.Making use of the information on pressure level, the monthly hemispheric charts were mapped out from the NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center. The summer and winter seasons were analyzed against the hemispheric flow. ...
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From the essay "Selected years/seasons in terms of temperature and precipitation " it is clear that anomalies in terms of temperature and precipitation for the stations mentioned earlier are correlated. Recent developments on climate variability deals with the winter climate…
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