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Philosphy of Art

It is a question of the relative legitimacy of the role that art plays within society as a whole that has always been a subject of contention. For those who have the first belief, art makes a contribution to society that is both essential and legitimate; while for those who have the opposite view, art is literally a trivial pursuit that can be easily substituted by any other similarly trivial past-time. What appears obvious is the fact that most of us certainly gain something from our interaction with art. However, the problem that I shall be attempting to address within this essay, paying particular attention to the discipline of painting, is whether our experiences with art can actually produce knowledge and beliefs that are justifiable and whether they do so in a way that is unique to them. Also, I will attempt to argue the case that the answers to these questions are yes, by showing that our aesthetic pleasure is something that can be mutually shared within both our own culture and between cultures that are otherwise so different from our own, while at the same time telling us something more important about the world. It must be said that just about all artists are at least partly motivated in their creative activities by a need to try and understand truth much in the same way that any other knowledge seekers such as philosophers and scientists. ...
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Can the Practice of Art be Fully Justified? In general, most people tend to believe that they learn something from art. Also, there is a strong belief among many that works of art (all be it mainly good works of art) can certainly help bring on beliefs and knowledge of the world…
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