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role of geography in shaping life and evolution

Geography as a discipline refers to the study “variations in phenomena from place to place” and explains the spatial features of a place (including climate, topology, land and water elements) that distinguishes it from other places (Holt-Jensen, 2009:9). The influence of a land’s geographical characteristics and the life forms that develop therein have been commonly known in a general way, in the manner that polar bears are known to inhabit glacial areas and elephants are known to naturally thrive in Africa and Asia. There is a need, though, to more profoundly appreciate the impact of geography to the development of animal and plant life, and vice versa, in order to effectively address sustainability. Biogeography involves the junction among biology, geography and history – that is, a merging of the study of the distribution of a species in location and time. Many authors have cited a host of factors that affect the evolution of life forms through time in relation to geography: speciation, extinction, continental drift; glaciation and changes in water forms; landmass areas and isolation; available energy supplies; adaptation, and adaptive radiation Schluter (2000). Adaptation and adaptive radiation are closely related, but not the same. ...
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The Role of Geography in Shaping Life and Evolution In the present effort to ensure sustainability in all human endeavors, a great deal of attention has been devoted to the reservation of the ecological balance. It means that not only are natural resources to be assured of replenishment and restoration when depleted, but that the natural habitat of flora and fauna are to remain undisturbed…
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