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Green Technology - Research Paper Example

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Research Paper
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Green Technology
With increasing use of energy every year, there is a greater need for fossil fuels which, in turn, has harmful effects on the environment, because the use of fossil fuel sources leads to emission of harmful chemicals and gases…

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Green Technology

Cheaper energy saving and environment-friendly technologies are being proposed to ensure that new energy sources do not add to the pollution level and are used efficiently. This environment-friendly technology is referred to as the “Green Technology”. It is a process of producing alternative uses of energy that are less damaging to the environment. Alternative energy practices are hence, in demand to curtail the use of fossil fuels. Solar power, Biomass energy, Wind power, Green insulation are some of the examples of green technology that are being discovered and used (Sobha, 2007, pp.4-5). Green insulation is one of the measures of green technology that can be customized in homes which makes energy usage more efficient. The means by which today’s buildings are constructed are not only bad for the environment but also harmful to the health of people. Steel, cement and other materials that are required for the manufacture of buildings, use large quantities of energy, thereby releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Also, many buildings use more energy than what is actually needed, in order to light or heat them or for operating machines and other appliances. Electricity is used from coal-burning power plants and oil-burning heating systems. Also the amount of water wastage is an issue to be considered significantly. ...
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