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Ideal Country Project- Saudi Aribia

Autocracy? Republic? etc) Read about the forms of government to explain why you have chosen this particular one (Monarchy, Communist, Parliamentary System, Constitutional Republic) 
Democratic Government exists in the country. It is essential that individuals living in a State should have their say in the appointments of the runners of the state. It Is therefore decided that the ideal State should have a democratic system of republic and a Parliamentary system should be running. The members of the parliament would be chosen by the people themselves.
The State has both natural and artificial boundaries. The artificial boundaries exist on the Western and the Eastern sides with Red Sea and Persian Gulf respectively. While artificial boundaries exist on the North and the South side with Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait and on the Southern side with Yemen and Oman States.
The green color is the major color of the flag. It has been chosen because Islam is the major color religion followed by the majority of the population. Green color is considered as the trademark for the religion of Islam by the consensus of the majority. The white moon demonstrates the following of the lunar calendar by the State. The brown colored quadrilateral depicts the desert terrain of the State.
The state of the Kingdom of Islam faces a number of issues with respect to its population and terrain. A part of these problems are related to the technological advancements and globalization of the present day world. Since English is not the native language of the State the majority of the natives have problems conversing fluently with their peers in the rest of the world. This may limit the spread of the extent of globalization in the said country.
Some other problems being faced by the masses is gender inequality. In line with the teachings of Islam women are require to stay indoors unless an extreme urgency emerges compelling them to leave their abode and go out into the commercial market. Men ...
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The country is located on one of the corners of the Asian continent. South of it is faced by land and so is its North. The west and Eastern sides face the Red Sea and The Persian Gulf Respectively.
All the above mentioned types of road transportation are…
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