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Problems of Industrialization in Pakistan

To improve production, the country is attempting to industrialize her agricultural activities by adopting modern farming practices and use of technology implements. However, as a developing country, Pakistan has problems of industrialization that stem from different factors. These problems encompass the social, political, and economic aspects of the country includes factors like the country's poor infrastructure, the low level of literacy characterized by lack of skilled labor, poor governance with unstable political environment, as well as the unfavorable fiscal monetary and fiscal policies that may discourage industrial investors. This paper expounds on the different factors undermining the efforts to industrialize the operations in the country and not the negative effects that may result from industrialization in a given country. The factors were identified from the responses in a survey that was carried out to seek information from a variety of industrialists in the country in relation to the industrialization problems they have encountered, or the factors they consider detrimental to the process. Thesis Pakistan is a developing nation that is dependent on agriculture as the country is endowed with fertile lands fit for the economic activity. Nonetheless, the process of industrializing her agricultural activities has been faced by several problems impeding the whole process. ...
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Running Head: Industrialization problems in Pakistan Industrialization problems in Pakistan Insert Name Insert Insert 5 December 2011 Industrialization Problems in Pakistan Introduction Pakistan is one of the developing countries in South Asia…
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