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Data preparation and network analysis - Literature review Example

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Author : vincenzospinka
Literature review
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Data Preparation and Network Analysis Name: Institution: Data Preparation and Network Analysis Data preparation and network analysis Upon the identification, of the study area(s), data preparation and collection ensues. Because of the nature and extensiveness of the research objectives and aims, several data preparation methods and network analysis models are required…

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Data preparation and network analysis

Finding meaningful data about people’s access to urban green spaces with regard to the people’s reasons for using such spaces and when and how they use them is considerably weighed down by the fact that survey data from local authorities is rather inconsistent. Various methods have been developed to help in data collection on local green space needs. Methods such as Best Value processes are viable in realising green space needs for populations in areas such as the Madinah region of UAE. The benchmark questions used in the Best Value User Satisfaction Survey are relatively basic meaning that more viable information should be sourced from the literature review of past surveys, as well as the analysis of other similar areas around the world (Cope 2009, 174). Telephone surveys with the public can be used to find out or estimate the number of urban green space users for every green space located in their vicinity. This module of data preparation is perhaps best for the quantification of urban dwellers’ access to green spaces and the estimation of future green space needs and the capacity of current green spaces to meet these needs. In England, for example, a telephone survey showed that 2.25 million people make a minimum of 184 visits to the nearest urban space annually (Knigge and Cope 2006, 2031). ...
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