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Research Paper example - Remote Sensing Project

Research Paper
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For instance in this topic, a researcher should come up with the following parts: The introduction whereby the researcher defines and elaborates…

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They also encompass chemical sensors that are used to analyze the intensity of elements in the air, biological sensors are useful in
USGS in scientific research is the initials for United States Geological Survey. Scientist who use the United States Geological Survey have the capability of capturing the landscape and learning more about its natural resources and anything else that harms it. USGS focuses on land, its use and change, ecosystems, minerals, energy, natural hazards and environmental health.
Drones can be used in scientific research both during the day and night. An object can be observed, measured and identified without direct contact with the satellite. Some of the remote sensing data include multispectral data, satellite imagery, space sensing and digital elevation data. In this process of observing the earth, one needs a device called a USGS earth explorer, (Lillesand, pg.87). In this case, the earth’s data such as maps, satellite data, and land cover products are searched and found online.
Remote sensing images are put in digital images. In order for the researcher to be able to get the information that he or she wants, image processing has to be done so as to get the visual interpretation of the image. (Campbell, pg.113).
Commercial aerial surveillance is a major area where this topic has been applied previously. This function has been known to enhance security in homes, wildfire mapping, pipeline issues, in roads and when conducting anti-piracy. All objects on earth can be automatically detected and by this doing a scientist is able to achieve his objectives, (James, pg 200). Drones have both biometric and facial recognition systems and therefore are able to recognize a person from a height of 1500 feet. They are used in this case to patrol above 400 feet to prevent possibilities of unlawful immigration or terrorists attack from a countries ...
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