How does China's geography reflect both tremendous diversity and a remarkable continuity across history and regions? And how h - Research Paper Example

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How does China's geography reflect both tremendous diversity and a remarkable continuity across history and regions? And how h

The hukou system became more pronounced in China shortly after the success of the communist led revolution in China. The PRC’s hukou system was initially first set up in the various cities within the country in 1951 and was later to be extended to the various rural areas in 1955. During the initial years of this system, it mainly served as a tool that was used by the communist government to monitor it’s the people and not as a control mechanism of any movements and population migrations. It should be noted that during the early years of the 1950’s, the country experienced a period of relatively free movement and people were basically allowed to move into and out of the cities without any restraints or inhibitions. The 1954 Chinese promulgated constitution was seen to even guarantee the citizenry of a basic right to migration and free residential choice (Chan 199). The unchecked migration of the population into cities escalated and became a serious burden on the central government leading to the implementation of new hukou legislation in 1958 by China’s National People’s Congress. Using the system, the Chinese government was successfully able to regulate its citizen’s mobility generally up to the end of the 1970’s. ...
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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: How China’s Geography reflects both Tremendous Diversity and a Remarkable Continuity across History and Regions. And How Thinking Like a Geographer Can Help in Better Understanding This Paradox. Introduction What is the Chinese Hukou System?…
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