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The significance of this report has come about after the spending has been cut by the U.S government on the healthcare sector. This action by the government has stressed the insurance companies because the government is cutting the amount by 40% that was given to the insurance companies for the protection of the human health. …


Healthcare sector in U.S.

At first the research objective has been clearly defined in the report after that, issues have been highlighted in the report regarding the result of the spending cut by the government. Then the solutions to meet these challenges have also been discussed using different models. In the conclusion section of the report, the results are discussed in a summarized form. The thesis statement of the report is to assess the implications of reduction in U.S medical insurance reimbursement of 40%”.
RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: The objective of research study is to provide recommendations to the insurance company about how company can meet the challenges of spending cut by the U.S. government in the medical insurance sector by 40%. The main objective of the report is to provide the solutions through the financial, legal and alternative healthcare models.
ISSUES INVOLVED IN A POTENTIAL REDUCTION IN U.S. MEDICAL INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT: It has been a trend in the U.S for a long time that the government increase its budget or spending on the healthcare sector with the passage of time. The government always has taken serious measures to protect the health of the people and has ensured that the government cares about the people and their health (Chua, 2006). The increasing rate of expenditure on the healthcare sector by the government has become the cause of stress for the government because it was consuming a large amount in the budget. ...
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