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HIV / AIDS And Global Health - Essay Example

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HIV / AIDS And Global Health

Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a disease that is caused by Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV). However, not everyone infected with HIV develops AIDS immediately and at times people with HIV live with it for years together without developing AIDS (CDC, 2013).
According to Ekouevi, Tonwe-Gold, & Dabis, (2005), HIV can be defined as a virus that affects body’s immune system by attacking white blood cells that are responsible for body prevention against infections. HIV weakens the immune system as a result of which the body is unable to defend itself against infections and illness including cancer.
AIDS is the disease for which HIV is responsible, basically AIDS is a syndrome that shows up after HIV infection has exceeded. In other words, AIDS is said to have occurred when the individual’s immune system is weakened by HIV to a point where the individual develops one or more ‘opportunistic infections’ (OIs) – and these infections are also called AIDS defining conditions. Some of these OIs are such as tuberculosis, pneumonia (recurrent), Herpes among others.
The symptoms of HIV vary from case to another and they also depend on the stage of the infection. At times, for quite some time people infected with HIV may not be aware about the infection and it is in this stage that they spread the virus spreads rapidly. There are two stage signs and symptoms of HIV infection (early stage and late stage). ...Show more


The paper gives detailed information about the origin of HIV/AIDS. The first case of AIDS was realized in the USA but it gave very little prior information with regard to its viral origin. Many people assume that HIV developed from a form of HIV that is contained in a certain type chimpanzee in West Africa…
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HIV / AIDS And Global Health essay example
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