Carbohydrates and athletic performance - Research Paper Example

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Carbohydrates and athletic performance

For this reason, the focus of these scientific explorations has been on muscle mass, weight, training and exercise, customized diet, and functional foods. These research studies have also led the sports psychologists and other researchers to understand the significance of carbohydrates. Thorough research has been carried out on the impact of carbohydrate intake on endurance training and strength exercise including rigorous games like soccer, rugby, tennis, etc. Controlled studies have delved into the form of carbohydrate to be ingested, the timing of ingestion and the quantity, to develop guiding frameworks for athletes to augment their performance tailoring their intensity of training. An eminent aspect in these researches is muscle damage and recovery, which has been studied with respect to carbohydrate consumption. Furthermore, the crux of these researches also highlights other nutrients that should be taken with carbohydrates like protein or fat, which can optimize athletic performance. Impact of carbohydrates on athletic performance Carbohydrate ingestion before exercise like endurance capacity training affects the performance of exercise and metabolism. ...Show more


Carbohydrates And Athletic Performance ? [Author] [Institution] [Date] Carbohydrates And Athletic Performance Carbohydrates intake during exercise in the form of carbohydrate dense drinks has become a trendy practice among recreational and endurance athletes with results in performance reimbursement during lengthened exercise…
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