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Modern scientific studies identify the alarming fact that the average life span of man comparing with past centuries has considerably reduced due to lifestyle and food habits. It is often said that modern man cannot even find out sufficient time to satisfy his hunger and thirst as he is pursuing a fast paced life…


These reckless eating habits make the modern younger generation obese or chubby that they cannot attain the desired heights of their life and thereby pulling down the nation to its ruin. The modern youngsters are not attentive to maintain their physical health which is very essential for attaining mental health. They very often forget the simple lesson that a sound mind in a sound body.
Therefore, the study of obesity deserves greater significance both as an attempt to reduce the body weight of younger generation and as an endeavor to save the country from having a great number of lazy obese children who are incapable of creating a better nation. The various studies conducted overtime have undoubtedly proved the no fewer roles of the adults in promoting obesity. Thus one can infer that obesity is an issue that seeks grave attention from the part of youngsters and the adults alike. Different studies acknowledge the threat of obesity as a disease that acts as a slow poison which kills many in this world.
Obesity has often been viewed as causing for various health problems that craves the attention of not only the doctors but also the general public. The obese people often express some serious medical complications like respiratory problems, diabetes, trouble sleeping and depression. ...
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