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National Health Services of the United Kingdom

As most of the citizens are left out of the reach of the services, it is beneficial if the health and social care activities are carried out with the help of local primary trust, NGOs and government authorities. Health and social care partnership is crucial to the current process of modernization underway in UK welfare services. This is true across a range of policy areas, but is particularly significant with regard to adult and children's health and social care. The present paper is aimed at discussing the present policies of NHS which are in practice with regard to health and social care and to provide viable suggestions for the formulation of policies for NHS in the future.
The health, social care and well being agenda is highly complex and challenging which is one of the most visible and contested aspects of contemporary public policy in the UK which is constantly being criticized by policy makers, citizens, politicians and the media. ...
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As the world is getting older, the number of people is also constantly increasing and increasing rapidly. Additionally increasing trend of globalization has led to movement of people from one place to another imposing greater responsibility on the nations to provide at least basic facilities to the people living in their country which has become very difficult in recent times as most of the citizens do not receive those basic amenities like food, education, health services, housing, etc…
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