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Medical Ethics Master

Or child could be crippled for life and doctor would be responsible for its continuous agony throughout life2. It will be either like an abortion, or like permitting a child to be born without proper health, even though alternatives exist. Many ethical and moral issues are connected with abortion like the rights of foetus,3 and mother's self-determination that should not be questioned. I am also well aware of the fact that the foetus is already very weak and might not survive the entire gestation period without hospitalisation and continuous monitoring, or even might be born after that with certain milder chronic problem.
I could try to find another physician and transfer the case to him as it is. This would be risky too, because physician might not be willing to take the burden. It could work well in another way, because the mother will get a cooling-off period to reconsider her hasty decision so that she could be sure that she could live with such a decision for the rest of her life4. If I don't make her understand all implications and alternatives, I could be charged of post-conception harm, for not only informing the mother the risks of discontinuing the pregnancy (which I have already done), but also the harm that could come to the foetus by indefinitely prolonging the pregnancy without proper treatment for foetus. ...
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It is almost impossible to allow Ms. White to have premature baby, precipitating life long damage to the infant. There is very little chance of baby's survival in a delivery during 26th week gestation period. It is a non-viable foetus with minimum chances of survival…
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