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Essay example - Bladder Cancer and Treatment

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Age, gender, smoking, chemicals, bladder stone and repeated urinary track infections can cause bladder cancer to which men are more susceptible than women. Frequent urination, blood in the urine, and pain while passing urine, any of these symptoms should raise enough concern to go for a screening…

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Fifth most common cancer in the world today is bladder cancer. According to one study, 13,000 Americans might die from bladder cancer this year. If diagnosed early, the survival rate could be up to 95%.
We reviewed the current data regarding the impact of various treatments of bladder cancer starting from understanding the difference between normal and cancer cells and how these cells can multiply. DNA changes and abnormalities have been recognised and efforts are continuously made to predict the prognosis of bladder cancer and its recurring, from these abnormalities. Usually originating in bladder lining, in the transitional epithelial cells or surface cells, this cancer mainly affects older men in industrialised areas. 90% of these are mainly transitional cell carcinomas. At present there exists a plethora of treatment options like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and various combinations of these treatments.
The research methodology applied for this research is the accepted, simple one. Evidences and research results are searched manually in research books, journals and materials. Material available in books has been accumulated as primary sources. As Secondary sources, Electronic sources and databases are used. Extensive use of the electronic sources like Google search is done. Another separate search is done on Medline, which has proved to be very helpful. Medline yielded a lot of material. ...
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