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Protein Intakes in the UK Diet - Essay Example

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This study recorded a significant negative correlation between Body Mass Index and age. Age, as a variable also made statistically significant contribution to BMI. These findings suggest that elderly people in the United Kingdom become less obese as they grow after 65 years. …

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Protein Intakes in the UK Diet

This paper approves that the study revealed that gender is the second largest contributor to Body Mass Index after waist hip ratio. These two variables are generally interrelated. Females, generally have higher waist hip ratio than men. These gender differences are largely hormonal. It has been established that obesity occurs in both sexes as a result of decreased outpour of the growth hormone. Education as a good barometer of economic well being is well appreciated. It is therefore to be expected that elderly persons that put up in institutions are less endowed financially because their education qualifications are lower. If this factor has no effect statistically, it simply tells us that information on obesity and its application has become common knowledge. Indeed education qualifications alone and by themselves cannot be expected to produce elderly persons that are less obese.
This essay makes a conclusion that The role physical activity plays in the health of elderly persons has already been mentioned. The level of physical activity that leads to good health is person-dependent. The maximum level of physical activity accepted to one person, can lead to total disability in another. Physical activity has its role in the combating obesity in elderly persons. However, it is unlikely that that activity alone can lead to excellent health in elderly person if it not supported by good nutrition and other lifestyle adjustments.
This study has shown Body Mass Index in elderly persons in the United Kingdom in influenced significantly by some demographic variables and nutrition. The high protein content of diets of elderly persons is also suggestive of high income levels. ...
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