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Functinl Electricl Stimultin

In fct, these secndry medicl rblems re the mst significnt rblems sscited with sinl crd injury in terms f bth cst nd medicl cmlictins. It is nt uncmmn fr rlyzed individul t exend between thusnds nd tens f thusnds f dllrs in medicl csts ech yer (Guttmn, 1976; Burke, 1975; Yung, Burns, Bwen & McClutchen, 1982).
ressure sres, fr exmle, hve yerly rte f incidence f ver 30% (Yung, Burns, Bwen & McClutchen, 1982). Freehfer nd Mst (1965) hve shwn tht bne frctures hve n incidence f 9.3%. It is hed tht functinl electricl stimultin (FES) my ffer mens f reversing sme f these secndry medicl rblems thrugh exercising rlyzed muscle nd incresing the bld delivery t the legs.
Hwever, questins rise s t the sfety f the technlgy. In wek, stertic bne, cn wered muscle stimultin cuse bne frctures in itself Wht is the incidence f electrde burns with cntinuus FES use Further, the cmlince f tient ultin fr this technlgy must be exmined. This ws the urse f the resent investigtin.
The subjects in these studies were 109 vlunteers. Eighty-three f the subjects in these studies vlunteered t rticite in reserch. These individuls were sked t rticite fr minimum f tw-yer erid. Twenty-six subjects were invlved in brd-bsed clinicl rgrm invlving FES nd cnventinl thery. ...
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Vrbv (1963); Brwn, Ctter, Hudlick & Vrbv (1976); eckhm, Mrtimer & Mrslis (1976); etrfsky & hillis (1983); etrfsky, hillis & Hendersht (1985); etrfsky & Smith (1988, 1991); nd Vn der Meulen (1974) ll exmined the use f electricl stimultin s mens f reversing the trhy f skeletl muscle sscited with rlysis…
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