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Contemporary Health Issue - Case Study Example

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Health is a very essential part of life. This is because without good health one cannot easily go on with his or her day to day activities normally. Every person desires to have good health despite his or her social status in the society. In this twenty first century; many people are going through various health issues that are affected by both historical and social political factors…

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Contemporary Health Issue

While initially this was a disease that was attributed to older people, this is no longer the case. It is now evident that since the twentieth century, very many people of all ages are suffering from this deadly disease. Initially, the disease was referred to as arterial hypertension. There are two types of this disease. One is primary and the other type is secondary hypertension. When this problem becomes very persistent it normally results in heart failure, heart attack or even stroke.
That explains why very many people in this era are dying because of the accumulated levels of this disease. This issue is of great interest to me because of the increased rate of people suffering from it. I have the concern of finding out the issues that have greatly influenced the increased occurrence of this disease. This information can help enlighten people so that the disease can be prevented. It will also enable the government to put in place policies that will see to the eradication and prevention of this deadly disease.
Hypertension can be defined as a health problem where the blood pressure is highly increased beyond the normal levels. Research indicates that normal blood pressure normally ranges between 120/80 mmHg and below. ...
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