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The literal meaning of the word 'binge' means to splurge or go on a spree. The context of 'binging' could refer to any aspect of consumption. Binging or unlimited consumption could manifest in the form of over eating, drinking, smoking, drugs or abuse of any other substance.


In some societies, binge drinking often happens in groups. So, what starts as a challenge or a competition to get intoxicated, could very well be carried over to the next few days and ultimately lead to addiction and dependency.
With time, the definition and reasons for binge drinking too have altered a little. According to, while earlier binge drinking used to mean heavy drinking over many days, now it means excess consumption of alcohol over a short period of time. There are various yardsticks to measure if the consumption qualifies as normal drinking or is above the permissible limits. Different countries have different definitions of binge drinking. While in the U.S, it could mean consumption of five or more drinks in a row by men and consumption of four or more drinks by women, in the U.K, in other countries, it is defined as 'multi-day heavy drinking session during which the drinker neglects his responsibilities or otherwise behaves recklessly (International Center for Alcohol Policies ).
According to Buddy.T, ( Alcoholism), there has been a lot of research in this field and British researchers have come up with various classifications of these heavy drinkers to help overcome this problem at all levels. ...
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