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Health and Physical Activity

Gone are the days when people could take time off to exercise or play in their spare time. Life has become so competitive that students and adults alike find little or no time to care for their health. Less healthy children will end up being lesser healthy adults. Physical inactivity leads to illness and diseases that could truncate physical and mental development in later life. This paper strives to investigate what needs to be done to eradicate or control the after-effects of inactivity in early years. In order to do this, the focus of this investigation will be on:
What is health Health is inter-related to the mental, emotional and physical components of a living being. By definition, health is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO 1994) (Definition of health on the web,
There is a need to critically evaluate current health promotion interventions within a range of relevant and contemporary theories of behaviour change. Lured by drugs, computers and television, children find no time to engage in outdoor activities. ...
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The report elucidates the advantages of exercise from children to elders. The human body is an intrinsic mechanism that runs well if looked after else can break down and become a liability. A healthy body is reflective of a healthy mind and soul. There is a wide spectrum of health problems covered in this report including a look at physical activity and its relevance to cardiovascular diseases, overweight and obesity, diabetes, musculoskeletal health, mental illness, and cancer among others.
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