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Indeendent nurse rctitiners in ustrli frm sci-liticl ersective - Essay Example

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The cntributin f nurse prctitiner services t ppultin nd public helth is being highly recgnized in grwing number f cuntries rund the wrld. With gret del f effrt they wrk independently s bth emplyees nd prt f tem whether it is in remte nd rurl res, in emergency deprtments in hspitls r in generl prctice…
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Indeendent nurse rctitiners in ustrli frm sci-liticl ersective
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Indeendent nurse rctitiners in ustrli frm sci-liticl ersective

They wrk in cllbrtin with ther helth cre prviders, whereas cpertin is essentil fr ptiml helth utcmes. Nurse prctitiners re nw endrsed in mst sttes nd territries nd wrking successfully nd cllbrtively with dctrs nd ther helth cre wrkers. The ustrlin Gvernment is currently funding prject t tril the use f nurse prctitiners in the ged cre envirnment. Stephens highlights tht s student nurse prctitiner she is lwys hving t educte ther helth prfessinls n wht nurse prctitiner is. She believes tht nurse prctitiners must educte ther helth prfessinls t every pprtunity pssible, s t wht nurse prctitiner is. T try nd ssist nurse prctitiners with their eductin f helth cre prctitiners Stephens ddresses questins which re ften sked when being questined but the nurse prctitiner rle. The secnd questin rised by Stephens is relting t the cst effectiveness f the nurse prctitiner. She sttes tht there is nt enugh literture t mke cnclusin upn this issue. This is n issue tht shuld ls be cnsidered in the ustrlin develpment f the nurse prctitiner nd shuld lwys be cnsidered in ech individul cse. The issue f cst effectiveness runs int mny ther issues, few being, scpe f prctice, time mngement nd enterprise brgining greements. ll f the fctrs impinging n the issue f cst effectiveness shuld be cnsidered t mke independent nlysis f the nurse prctitiners finncil plusibility.
Crinsn (1995) perfrmed literture review explring the benefits nd difficulties when implementing emergency nurse prctitiner service. The definitin f the emergency nurse prctitiner Crinsn presented, sttes tht the prctitiner cres fr the ptient, ssessing them, requests the pprprite dignstics nd then trets the perceived prblem withut the invlvement f dctr. Crinsn ls sttes in this definitin tht the prctitiner is respnsible fr cring fr minr helth prblems. It is interesting tht the definitin f the emergency nurse prctitiner specificlly mentins tht the ptient des nt need t see dctr, insted f fcusing cmpletely n wht the emergency nurse prctitiner des. The definitin implies tht the emergency nurse prctitiner is tking the plce f the dctr when deling with minr helth prblems.
Crinsn suggests tw resns fr why there hs been push twrds creting emergency nurse prctitiners, ne resn being the incresing presenttins t emergency deprtments nd the ther resn is becuse f the develpment f the "The Scpe f Prfessinl Prctice" (Crinsn.I.,1995, pg 1321). This hs stted tht individul prctitiners re respnsible fr their prctice nd it us up t them t mintin their knwledge nd skills t perfrm their rle. ccrding t this scpe f prfessinl prctice it is therefre up t the nurse prctitiner t ensure their knwledge nd clinicl skills re dequte in perfrming their rle nd nt the rgnistins. This utnmy is nt seen s smething which the individul cnsiders egtisticlly, hwever ls the individul cncerned shuld understnd the rle they hve within the helthcre tem where ther prctitiners prctice nd hw this effects them. Crinsn sttes tht the entire multidisciplinry helthcre tem needs t hve input when creting emergency nurse prctitiner service, s tht ll stke hlders re cntent with the service being prvided.
Until recently there hd been ucity f reserch r literture relting t the rle in ustrli. Hwever, there ws strng necdtl evidence tht nurses, thrugh necessity nd chice, hd been rviding cmrehensive nd exert rimry cre, midwifery ... Read More
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(Indeendent Nurse Rctitiners in Ustrli Frm Sci-Liticl Ersective Essay)
“Indeendent Nurse Rctitiners in Ustrli Frm Sci-Liticl Ersective Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/health-sciences-medicine/275876-indeendent-nurse-rctitiners-in-ustrli-frm-sci-liticl-ersective.
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