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Physiotherapy Management

This paper shows acute rehabilitation plan, positioning of Mrs. B, exercises for Mrs. B, postacute rehabilitation, further exercises for Mrs. B.
According to the paper physical therapy training for Mrs. B in post acute period should be focusing on improving her motor control by stressing selective (out of synergy) movement patterns. Movement combinations that allows success in functional tasks e.g. feeding, dressing, gait should be emphasized. Weak muscles should be activated first in unidirectional patterns and then challenged by activities that stress slow reciprocal movements. This emphasis on balanced interaction of both agonists and antagonists is crucial for normal co ordination and effective function.
Tu sum up, this report says that activities begun during early training that focus on upright static control and balance should be continued and extended. Sit to stand transitions should be practiced with an emphasis on symmetrical weight bearing and controlled responses on her hemiplegic’s side. Making her stand up and shift her pelvis to one side or the other before sitting down can increase trunk rotation.
This paper says that proper counseling of Mrs. B and her family by the physiotherapist throughout the rehabilitation program will play a very vital role for her recovery. She may feel depressed, isolated, irritable and demanding. The physiotherapist should motivate and educate her. The physiotherapist should provide actual facts and proper information of her disease to her as well as to her family. The physiotherapist should be supportive, sensitive and he has to maintain a hopeful attitude. ...
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This paper will discussed physiotherapy in the therapy of cerebrovascular accident patients which is characterized by diverse techniques such as Brunnstrom, Bobath, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, and the Motor Relearning Programme. But the two approaches chosen were Bobath and Motor Relearning Programme. …
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