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The importance of midwives can not be neglected, especially if you talk about their role in United Kingdom. In fact, midwifery is one of the leading professions in UK and you can find a midwife to be present at the time of birth in more than 75% of cases. Their assistance is helpful for women to make specific decisions during the pregnancy.


For instance, many of the midwives are now actively playing their role in health promotion. In fact, midwives are now taking health promotion more seriously as along with managing ill health and disease they also inform women about the ways to keep them healthy. Though the midwife has always been playing an important role in public health but now it is important for them to divert their attention to teenage pregnancy, drug awareness, domestic violence and smoking cessation (Beldon et al, 2005).
Here, you can easily see that the role of midwives is quite extensive but the help these midwives provide pertaining to smoking recession is remarkable. It is well known fact that smoking is injurious to health and no one can deny this reality. But, the health implications of smoking can be even critical during the pregnancy. The worst thing is that smoking can not only hurt a pregnant women but it is also perilous to the health of unborn baby.
Actually, it is said that baby smokes when a pregnant woman does that. As she inhales carbon monoxide and nicotine during smoking, the growing baby suffers as these substances are nothing less than poison. It doesn't allow a baby to get enough oxygen or food. ...
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