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Using Evidence from Research to Inform your Practice

The groups were well matched for baseline characteristics, stroke subtype, stroke severity, vascular risk factors, and prognostic factors.
The monitoring units like ECG, temperature readings, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure in the SCM ward are of course, to be monitored by human attention. This reduces the chances of manual error, while engaging the nursing staff at the same time. The presence of the SCM machines does not indicate a reason for the absence of manual readings and they can still be taken to either confirm extreme readings or to have a positive psychological effect on a traumatized patient. The presence of a dedicated ward for elderly patients would definitely help, since the inclusion of the odd younger patient can have an understandable negative effect on both age groups
During a 7-month period, patients with acute Ischemic Hemiperetic stroke were randomly allocated to a SCUM or a conventional unit with in hospital unit in the UK Birmingham. Patients who had had a previous stroke with residual neurological impairment, had suffered from any other disorder interfering with neurological or functional assessments, or had a life –threatening concurrent illness were excluded.
Patients were stratified for stroke subtypes, according to the criteria described and were randomly assigned to the SCMU or SU. ...
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The study was undertaken at a hospital which regularly houses elderly patients undergoing treatment for acute Ischemic stroke attacks. Comparisons are made between patients undergoing treatment in a ward dedicated to stroke patients and a conventional unit…
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