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Philosophy and Physician Assisted Suicide - Essay Example

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Physician assisted suicide is one of the most controversial problems in medical practice and philosophy. Critics underline that there is no right or wrong opinion about active euthanasia because much depends upon the conditions and causes which force people to look for this problem-solving method…

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Philosophy and Physician Assisted Suicide

The utilitarian approach states that the value and worth of the action is determined by its consequences and overall good. The utilitarian approach specifies what are to count as the best consequences. Ethics and medical ethics as a part of it is aimed to save a "life" and not allow patient to "die". Life is valuable: it cannot be restored or reproduced. In this case, it is morally wrong to deprive a person a chance to live (Dowbiggin 37). All scientific and medical innovations and discoveries become useless as well as medicine itself if we follow the concept of "God's will". In terms of rational legitimacy, physician assisted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia ought to be legal if it causes happiness and the good to others. In this case, physician assisted suicide and active voluntary euthanasia are ought to be legal because financial burden and moral sufferings caused by a terminally ill increase sufferings, and death is in the best interest of society. It is right to let a person to die when living would make no one happy and someone very unhappy. It is important to note that it is more unethical to allw relatives to suffer with mortally ill hopeless members of the family (Dowbiggin 38). For instance, in some cases of terminal cancer palliative care is the only possible way to prevent sufferings of patients. ...
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