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Psychopharmacology is a branch of medical science which studies and describes the factors responsible for the various types of depression that occur in human beings. It is nothing but the study of drug-influenced changes in mood, sensation, thinking, and behavior.


In general, the elderly people have more medical problems and often are using medications for more than one of these problems. Moreover, they tend to be more sensitive to medications. In addition, healthy adult people eliminate some medications from the body more slowly than younger people and hence require a lower or less frequent dosage to maintain an effective level of medication.' Even when the human relations get disturbed because of lack of proper attention and care, people tend to get depressed. However depending upon the type of cause and symptoms, the depression may be categorized in to different types as follows:
It is highly essential to treat these different forms of depression efficiently through integrated approach of various techniques. Here comes the application and relevance of psychopharmacology in curing depression in adults or elderly people. The psychological counseling of patients with the combination of some antidepressants would be of immense help in this context which is mainly facilitated by the psychopharmacology. As the field of psychopharmacology discusses a wide range of substances with various types of psychoactive properties, it would be instrumental in curing all types of depression in adults. ...
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