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Essay example - Cerebral Palsy

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a collective term which encompasses a host of disorders. Understanding and diagnosing this disorder was once believe to be the sole responsibility of pediatricians and neurologists. Although detection of the disease starts here, a cooperative environment incorporating all facets of the health care disciplines are necessary to maximize benefits to the affected child…

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(Stevens, 2005, 508)
The uniqueness of this disease is that it exhibits itself differently from case to case. This is best exemplified through the wide range and breadth of motor skill limitations experienced by each individual patient.
Once believed that the onset of Cerebral Palsy was a direct result of complications which occurred at birth or during the labor process prior to birth, much new research is offering alternate areas for study. The cause of Cerebral Palsy still remains unknown by advances it research have led to several promising areas deserving further research. The difficulty in diagnosing this disease in a timely fashion lies within the very roots of the congenital disease itself. Al though signs of Cerebral Palsy may be exhibited at or shortly after birth, at other times no symptoms may be evident until years later, making early diagnosis almost impossible. What has been shown through research thus far is that there are various 'warning' signs that place the infant in a high risk category for Cerebral Palsy. In examining Cerebral Palsy, researchers have found that the various warning signs exhibit themselves differently patient by patient. ...
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