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Community Nursing - Essay Example

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Author : casperduncan
Health Sciences & Medicine
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This essay describes the community health nursing topic, that aims today at ensuring that the individual, families and community can assess high standards of holistic health care services, fulfill the need for understanding the social framework of illness and health care to be culturally insightful…

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Community Nursing

This essay is inclined towards exposing a critical review of community nursing with a bias in Clearfield County. The community of study in this essay is Clearfield County that is the fourth largest county in the state of Pennsylvania today. Clearfield covers an area of 1,143 square miles situated in the centre of Pennsylvania on the western slopes of Allegheny Mountains. Data on community health in Clearfield was conducted by the specialists using interviews and several social strategies, focus groups, key informants and direct observation whereby the community at large and health care providers in community were involved. Several focus groups involved residents of Clearfield itself for meeting on different occasions to ensure that majority of residents of the county participate in community health initiatives. During the discussions the residents aired out their major health risks and among the infectious were diabetes mellitus and lyme diseases. The researcher describes that community in Clearfield was also interviewed on the health risks. Direct observation was also used as they assisted the research team to collect immediate data on community health. The researcher concludes that community nursing today is an imperative discipline in our modern existence. Bringing healthcare closer to the resident’s or rather decentralizing healthcare amenities would auger well in the twenty first century. Implicitly this would help in minimizing the death toll through preventive care and hence augment on the longevity. ...
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