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Rapid Sequence Intubation

Pre-treating patients with a number of agents to counteract the potential adverse effects of intubulation is also adopted. The basic tenet behind application of RSI is the assumption that the patient has a full stomach and therefore would face dangers from aspiration. In the case cited, the patient is being wheeled in for readmission due to bleeding after tonsillectomy.
When applied by skilled technicians RSI shows an intubation success rate of 98% and reduces complications. Schwartz et al report that 3% of intubation in the critically ill are fatal within30 minutes and as high as 8%-18%intubations get misplaced in the esophagus. About 4%-5% result in incidents of aspiration. This data highlights the importance of assessment prior to intubation and the importance of correct pharmacological interventions before RSI. While assessments are important it has been highlighted by studies that in 70% of situations it practically impossible to conduct assessments in the critically ill.
There can be anatomical and functional impediments for placing a face mask. Anatomical barriers include abnormal anatomy of the face upper or lower airways, compliance of the thoracic and abdominal cavities and so on. Functional problems include obesity, chest and diaphragm restriction, decreased respiratory compliance and the like. ...
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Tonsillectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures performed. Over 144000 such surgeries have been performed in the US alone. One of the most feared complications of this surgery includes post surgical bleeding. About 1% -4% of patients are reported to have a complications related to bleeding after tonsillectomy…
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