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Essay example - A Healthy Child

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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It is well known that first few years of human being are most important years of life. Each child is different and may learn and grow at a different rate. However, if a child cannot do many of the skills listed for his or her age group, one should consult the paediatrician (National Network for Child Care - NNCC…

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Various development stages include bone thickness, weight, size of limbs, motor (gross and fine), hearing, vision, reflexes, facial expressions and perceptual development. Growth is rapid during the first few years of life. As each physical change occurs, the child gains new abilities. During the first year, physical development mainly involves the infant coordinating motor skills.
Infants since birth have certain reflexes or motor skills. Blinking eye is one such reflex. The presence of reflexes at birth is an indication of normal brain and nerve development. When normal reflexes are not present or if the reflexes continue past the time they should disappear, brain or nerve damage is suspected. The rooting reflex causes infants to face toward anything that brushes their faces while survival reflex helps them to find food such as a nipple.
For example, the Moro reflex or "startle response" occurs when a newborn is startled by a noise or sudden movement. The child moves his arms suddenly and starts crying. The Palmar grasp reflex is observed when the infant's palm is touched and when a rattle or another object is placed across the palm. The infant's hands will grip tightly. The Stepping or walking reflex can also be observed in normal full term babies. ...
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