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Children's Nutritional Requirements - Assignment Example

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Day Nurseries are centres were children who have not yet entered formal schooling, essentially, 5yrs and under are nurtured. These centres play crucial roles in a child's development by caring for the child when the parents, either due to work or other reasons are not present to attend to the child…

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Children's Nutritional Requirements

However, helping children grow physically, emotionally and intellectually cannot be achieved without the proper nutrition, through balanced and healthy meals. It is an undisputed fact that proper nutrition is a significant factor in the growth, development and overall functioning of a child. Good nutrition provides the energy and nutrients essential to sustain life and promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Also, good nutrition is critical to optimizing each child's potential for success. Therefore, meeting children's nutritional requirements throughout the childhood years is essential to full intellectual and emotional development.
Infant years is perhaps, the most challenging and crucial part of human existence, however, due to the increasing demands of modernisation, parents are often incapacitated in providing the parental care and attention their children requires at this crucial period. Childcare or day nurseries therefore constitute the only alternative.
Unfortunately, with the increasing commercialisation of the child care business and the increasing profit orientation, there are increasing concerns about the type and quality of care provided for children in these centres. ...
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