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Essay example - Social Determinants of Health

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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The issue of what the social determinants of health are and how important they are overall is one of great importance and significance, and the most primary matters in particular that is held within this topic is that of life expectancy, and how it is patterned in regards to social class and other social factors…

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In order to be able to come to a proper and factual-based conclusion on the importance of the social determinants of health, there are several things which must be done. First, there must be an understanding in regards to what the social determinants of health actually are, and second, there must be a drawing of research on the matter of the importance of these social determinants of health - how they contribute to the medical world, what presence they have, and how they have influenced the world. This study is going to present, discuss, and examine the issue of the importance of the social determinants of health, in order to be able to come to a proper and more knowledgeable understanding on this subject matter in general. This is what will be dissertated in the following.
The social determinants of health are considered as being the "economic and social conditions under which people live which determine their health; illnesses that are generally related to social, economic, political, and environmental circumstances. Social determinants of health have been recognized by several health organizations such as the Public Health Agency of Canada and the World Health Organization to greatly influence collective and personal well-being" (Wikipedia 2007). ...
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