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Essay example - Human Memory

Health Sciences & Medicine
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Alzheimer's disease: A disease marked by the loss of cognitive ability, generally over a period of 10 to 15 years, and associated with the development of abnormal tissues and protein deposits in the cerebral cortex.
Cerebellum The trilobed structure of the brain, lying posterior to the pons and medulla oblongata and inferior to the occipital lobes of the cerebral hemispheres, that is responsible for the regulation and coordination of complex voluntary muscular movement as well as the maintenance of posture and balance.

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The study of patients with memory deficits is the most significant cause to explore the structure and organization of memory system.
Memory refers to the acquisition, storage and retrieval of information. The brain achieves these three aspects of memory by associating neural representations with one another. In this way, organisms learn the causal relationships of the world by exposure to events, continually adjusting and augmenting their internal representations when learned associations do not match reality. Virtually all views of learning share this common thread, from simple conditioning paradigms to cognitive theories.1
A common mechanism does not imply a single, monolithic memory system. Such a view was dispelled long ago by observations of spared and impaired learning abilities in patients with hippocampal damage.2 Modern theories of learning typically divide memory into multiple psychological systems supported by different neural sub-states. From a psychological perspective, different systems learn different kinds of information, performing their functions for different lengths of time. ...
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