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Communication is a critical skill for nursing. It is the process by which humans meet their survival needs, build relationships, and experience joy. In nursing, communication is a dynamic process used to gather assessment data, to teach and persuade, and to express caring and comfort.


The intent of any communication is to elicit a response. Thus, communication is a process. It has two main purposes: to influence others and to obtain information. Communication can be described as helpful or unhelpful. The former encourages a sharing of information, thoughts, or feelings between two or more people. The latter hinders or blocks the transfer of information and feelings. In this section, we would be discussing the outline the basic model of interpersonal communication.
Many factors influence the communication process. Some of these are development, gender, values and perceptions, personal space, territoriality, roles and relationships, environment, congruence, and attitudes (Bush, 2001, pp.35-37).
From an early age, females and males communicate differently. Girls tend to use language to seek confirmation minimize differences, and establish intimacy. Boys use language to establish independence and negotiate status within a group. These differences can continue into adulthood so that the same communication may be interpreted differently by a man and a woman.
Values are the standards that influence behavior, and perceptions are the personal view of an event. Because each person has unique personality traits, values, and life experiences, each will perceive and interpret messages and experiences differently.
Personal space is the dist ...
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