Essential Oils as Aromatherapy Medicines

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Aromatherapy is the medicinal use of plant extracts as scent, massage oil or pharmacological preparation, which is at the heart of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).


Thus, Bausell (2007) notes that although alternative medicine has grown in popularity in the past 15 years as a healthcare system, people still largely use it as complement to conventional healthcare. However, evidence continues to mount that aromatherapy, especially the use of essential oils, has displaced conventional medicine as treatment of choice in many countries. In fact, the Cochran Complementary Medicine Field in 2007 revealed that what is considered complementary or alternative therapy in one country is now considered conventional medical practice in another (Manheimer & Berman, 2007). This only confirms what the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported as early as 1978 that majority of the world's population has come to depend on traditional medicine for primary healthcare.

Such reported increase in the clinical importance of essential oil use among all aromatherapy methods is the main topic selected for this paper because of its high social relevance and potential for achieving the goals of the primary healthcare program, which means health for all. ...
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