Origins and Evolution of the NHS and Social Care Services

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It is easy to forget that just over fifty years ago there was no universal healthcare system in place in the United Kingdom. The availability of health care was mostly reserved for the rich. Even then, services were often concentrated in certain areas, inadequate in others or nonexistent in many rural and/or poor localities.


Health care was still sporadic and the quality of service varied extremely from location to location, but its popularity was growing as was society's reliance on it. World Wars I and II brought the issue of a national health system again to the forefront. Lessons learned during these two wars showed the benefits of organization, logistics and a centralized control. Politically, in the years following World War II, the unification of health care became a central issue. The government saw the benefits of administering the evolving healthcare system under one unified body. On July 5, 1948 the National Health Service (NHS) was born. Since its inception, the NHS has been continually changing and adapting to meet ever increasing challenges in the changing world.
To understand the complexity of the NHS it is necessary to understand its hierarchical roots. NHS falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health established in 1974 as per the first national health reorganization. This reorganization resulted from the rethinking of how national health issues should be addressed and recognized, as well, the need for partnership, innovative solutions and measurable results. Increased authority was give to first line health providers in an attempt to streamline processes, identify problem areas and design solutions. ...
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