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Health Psychology Protocol

Infertility, the last and the foremost section of the paper present a general discussion on it, along with its causes, treatments, impacts etc.
Most people grow up believing that having children is a normal and natural part of life. We take for granted that, when the time is right, we'll be able to create the family we want. We don't expect it will be difficult. We don't expect we'll need anyone else's help. For some people, though, creating a family turns out to be a bit more complicated.
Probably the most common experience for couples when they initially discover they have a fertility problem is shock and disbelief. They might even think the test results are wrong or have been mixed up with someone else's. Most of us grow up with the expectation that, when the time and circumstances are right, we will find the right partner and have children. During adolescence we are constantly taught to be wary of our fertility, to abstain from sex, or to make sure we use contraception. Many of us spend our younger years desperately trying not to get pregnant; worrying that one forgotten pill, one act of unprotected sex, will result in an immediate pregnancy. We grow up believing conception is natural and easy and rarely do we question the fact that it will happen. ...
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Stress, smoking and infertility hold in themselves a very unique relationship with each other. All three of them are related to each other in a distinctive manner, and have severe affects on one another.
Stress holds a great importance in relation to both smoking and infertility…
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