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Access to the Canadian health care system

Within Canada,accessibility takes on special meaning for geographers in general,health geographers in particular and most critically to all Canadians because of the fifth principle of the 1984 Canada Health ActHuman geographers have long been concerned with issues of geographic accessibility. In health geography, access to health care services has consistently been identified as a key theme of research. Within Canada, accessibility takes on special meaning for geographers in general, health geographers in particular and most critically to all Canadians because of the fifth principle of the 1984 Canada Health Act (CHA).The CHA is the only piece of Federal legislation that governs health care delivery in the provinces and territories. According to the CHA, all provinces and territories in Canada must abide by five principles in order to receive federal funds: universality; comprehensiveness; portability; public administration; and accessibility. The underlying sentiment of accessibility' in the CHA is to ensure access to medically necessary health care services for all Canadians regardless of ability to pay. In fact, the act states that to meet the requirements of accessibility, provincial health insurance plans "must provide for insured health services on uniform terms and conditions and on a basis that does not impede or preclude, either directly or indirectly whether by charges made to insured persons or otherwise, reasonable access to those services by insured persons." ...
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Within Canada,accessibility takes on special meaning for geographers in general,health geographers in particular and most critically to all Canadians because of the fifth principle of the 1984 Canada Health Act…
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