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Primary Care Nursing

Working in collaboration with other medical professionals is also crucial in the care of patients. There are many professionals involved with a patients routine care from the X-ray technologists to the nurse's assistances, and on up to the primary nurses and actual doctors themselves. All of these positions fit in to fill in the missing puzzle pieces in the patient care routine. So, nursing is far more than evaluating and assessing but has now become much more personal and complex. The conclusion summarizes all of the points in the body of this research and concludes that the primary care nurses role is fundamental in a positive patient outcome and with achieving a patients trust and approval throughout their care and treatment regimen.
Regardless of whether or not a nurse is in primary medical care or intermediate care, they both share very similar responsibilities. All forms of care and all nurses utilize a scientific and often a holistic approach in order to plan the care for patients. This philosophy does not deviate simply because there are different fields in nursing, although the care in these two might become more complex, specifically in the intermediate form of nursing care. ...
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There are many factors that enter into the role of a primary care nurse. In more recent years the knowledge that an interpersonal approach is detrimental to the patient's well being has become more and more clear. Therefore this is considered to be one of the necessities when establishing a patient care routine…
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