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Continuum of Care in Mental Health Care - Essay Example

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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This essay discusses the health care issue, in which the healthcare providers are frantically attempting to create an environment of strict principle-based restrictions where reimbursement cutback is the goal and viability of all healthcare settings is questioned.

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Continuum of Care in Mental Health Care

To find out other possible resources in implementing standard healthcare in stages of disease, such as, hospital care, it was identified that home- or community-based care programs might serve as an alternative for continuum of care in conjunction with physician-provided hospital care. In this essay, the author desires to analyze the various aspects of continuum of care as applicable to mental health care in United States. This essay also attempts to examine whether such systems of care can cause successful transition of the patient from one stage to another, what are the positive aspects of this system, its drawbacks, whether it really is an effective way of managing resources, and how it can lead to future trends of healthcare delivery system. Continuum healthcare services was originally resident-centred independent services that support the highest practicable quality of care to the clients in the community. These services are targeted to various groups of adults, children, and youth at risk. Early identification of a mental condition and necessary preventative measures restricts the emergence of the disorder. For example, neurodevelopmental services can intervene children with early signs of behavioral problems. The researcher then concluds that the increasing understanding that mental health services need close partnership with primary care and other community human service agencies in the form of close collaborative care has led to the concept of continuum of care in mental health care services.

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