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Th incidnc of sthm is incrsing round th world, prticulrly mong childrn. Mor nd mor childrn hv bn dignosd with sthm. sthm my turn up t ny g, lthough it is likly to occur for th first tim bfor th g of fiv. In childhood it is thr tims mor common nd mor svr in mls, but ftr pubrty th incidnc in th sxs is bout vn.


Popl with sthm hv xtr snsitiv or hypr rsponsiv irwys. Th irwys rct by nrrowing or obstructing whn thy bcom irrittd. This mks it difficult for th ir to mov in nd out. This nrrowing or obstruction cn cus on or combintion of th following symptoms: whzing, coughing, shortnss of brth, chst tightnss.
sthm my tk mny forms, from mild nd short-livd xrcis- inducd whzing to svr, lif-thrtning ttcks tht rquir mrgncy hospitl trtmnt. Thr r fw if ny ilmnts tht hv trrifid sick prsons nd thir fmilis mor, nd mor oftn, thn sthm.
"Issud by th British Thorcic Socity (BTS) nd th Scottish Intrcollgit Guidlins Ntwork (SIGN), nw guidlins on sthm giv UK hlth profssionls th most up-to-dt guidnc on ffctivly dignosing, trting nd controlling sthm. It lso ncourgs GPs nd nurss to mk sur individuls hv pt informtion bout thir sthm in ordr to hndl it". ( British Thorcic Socity, 2004)
"Thr-qurtrs of ll popl who hv sthm suffr symptoms tht disrupt thir dily livs, yt mny of ths symptoms cn b prvntd with prsonl sthm pln. Th guidlins offr vidnc tht ths plns r ffctiv nd dvis th us of th Ntionl sthm Cmpign's 'B in control' mtrils. Ths rsourcs includ pk flow nd symptoms diry, s wll s bsic informtion bout mdiction, how to tll if symptoms r gtting wors nd wht to do in n mrgncy. "(Grshwin,1992)
Viwing childrn's illnss s biomdicl or physicl vnt, without tking into ccount th brodr xprssiv nd socil disruptions in childrn's ...
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