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Essay example - Federal Health Legislation

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Identify three examples of federal health legislation enacted since 1960 which had major impact on health policy in the United States. Failure of the United States to enact a national health insurance system is not synonymous with lack of national health care reform…

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By exempting businesses from fines on seeking advice about safety hazards from consultants. The legislation further sought to grant benefits to small businesses in order for them to recover from money, whenever they win lawsuits against the government as a direct result of an OSHA claim.
This legislation encouraged employers to buy services whether from third parties or elsewhere in order to extend the benefits of initiatives, such as the Voluntary protection plan to smaller employers; OSHA legislation together with the subsequent amendments aimed at increasing the level of government outreach and technical help to employers seeking assistance; additionally, OSHA legislation aimed at increasing the size of the Occupational Safety and Health to guarantee timely results hence avoiding delay in settling health related disputes which often resulted in physical or psychological harm to victims of work place illnesses and injuries.
The legislation also aimed at making OSHA an independent body so as to make it more efficient in service delivery. By doing so, the legislation further empowered inspectors by giving them the mandate and the responsibility of overseeing the safety of workers in the workplace. ...
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