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In healthcare, measures of consumer satisfaction are being increasingly used in order to guide administrative measures to assess quality of health. In the current scenario of healthcare delivery, there are rapidly notable changes in approaches to achieve quality health care.


In many healthcare scenarios, there is a lack of precise definition about the outcomes since quantifiable outcome parameters are difficult to discern. Despite this, evaluation of quality of healthcare still remains an issue of paramount importance for all service providers since consumers or patients inclination to any service is dictated by the quality of the available services (Fitzpatrick 1993). Since patients are important components of this system, one of the important variables that determine outcomes of any care remains to be patient satisfaction. Many studies now incorporate patient satisfaction to be a major identifier and an essential component of care quality. Doll (1973) proposed that even for an organisation like NHS (National Health Service) the evaluation of service parameters should have at least three distinct criteria, namely, clinical outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and social acceptability with the later indicating satisfaction of the patients (Doll 1973).
As far as quality is concerned, quality is a class of functionally related attributes of heterogeneous assortment, this context research in this area tends to derive and examine data from a variety of resources. ...
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