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The study in trying to identify the effect of carbohydrates on fatigue, and the effect of high and low glycemic index of food evaluated 15 male subjects between 18-25 years while performing the 7 trials of shuttle runs. The study conducted a qualitative methodology to collect the data and conducted the 3 repetitive tests to identify the performance levels of the subjects during the 30 m trial runs.


For each trail a rest period of 25 min was maintained to get rid of the earlier test effect of fatigue. The experiment was conducted with each diet per day, noting the time levels for each shuttle run of subjects with the help of a stopwatch. The fatigue indices were calculated and rated on a 5 unit scale for easy comparison at minimum values. The test results were was coded on to computer to do a variance analysis. A Two-way analysis with repetitive data was conducted and found the P<0.05 indicating that the diet has a significant effect on the endurance levels of the runners. The study found that food with High Carbohydrates with Low Glycemic Index levels shows higher fatigue levels in shuttle runners than other levels of food. The graphical representation of summary averages confirm that there is interaction between the diet levels and the subject's performance levels, and also confirms the High Carbohydrates with Low Glycemic Index level food as the highest performance level
The purpose of this particular study is to examine the effect of low, medium and high carbohydrate diets with low and high glycemic index ratings on the rate of fatigue. ...
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